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Sell My House With Tenants Fast

Dealing with troublesome tenants? The stress of property damage and delayed rent payments can make any homeowner feel frustrated and hinder the performance of their business, leaving them burdened with time and financial losses spent on pursuing monthly payments.

Selling a rental property under such circumstances can be complex, as prospective buyers often shy away from properties with tenant issues. However, Mike Buys Houses NC is your reliable exception! We are always ready to acquire properties, regardless of the challenges that come with them. We specialize in dealing with problematic tenants and are keen to purchase your undesired houses.

We Make Selling Your House Simple

Receive an Offer for Your House In 5 Easy Steps


Complete our online form by providing your personal information along with specific details about your home.


Our team will review your property information and any photos submitted. This process typically takes 1 business day.


We aim to schedule a face-to-face meeting to see your home in person within 1 business day after completing the Home Review.


After the personal tour, we’ll promptly provide a cash offer and explain how we determined it to help you make an informed decision.


After signing the purchase agreement, we’ll work together to schedule a closing date.  You get the check, we get the keys. It’s really that easy.

Can I Sell My House With Tenants Inside?

Yes, you can sell your house with tenants inside, but it involves navigating tenant rights and lease agreements. At Mike Buys Houses NC, we specialize in purchasing such properties, providing you with a fair cash or terms offer swiftly. We handle the complexities and alleviate the stress associated with problematic tenants, allowing you to focus on your next venture. Reach out to us today and let us take that burden off your shoulders!

Do you Need to Sell Your House With Bad tenants in North Carolina?

We put in the hard work so you can get the best possible offer with no added stress. From start to finish, it’s fast, fair, and hassle-free!

Get a Cash Offer for Your House Today
Work With A Trusted Home Buyer in North Carolina
Fast & Easy

We’ll work hard to get you a fair cash offer on your home quickly. 

Pay Zero Fees

We do not charge any kind of commissions or other types fees.

Any Condition, Any Situation

We buy your house regardless of the condition or situation you’re facing. 

“How Does Your Company Come Up With the Offer for My Property?”


We first determine what your home will be worth after we complete all the necessary repairs and updates to make it retail-ready.


We take our 20 years of real estate & construction-related experience to determine a budget for the necessary repairs to your home.

Other Offers We Can Make
— Creative Selling Options —

At Mike Buys Houses NC, we try to match the best offer solution for each unique situation. Aside from a traditional cash offer, some sellers greatly benefit from creative selling options. 

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Higher Sales Price

Typically, you get a higher sales price when you sell on terms versus an outright cash deal.

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Passive Income

Mailbox money…right to your mailbox. You just collect a check.

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No Tenants, No Problems

Unlike a rental property, here, you don’t have to deal with tenants or leaky toilets. That is all the Buyer’s responsibility.

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The property is the collateral for the loan. If the Buyer defaults on payments, you have the ability to foreclose. This is an excellent form of security for your investment, typically only found in real estate.

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Tax Benefits

If you made a profit on the sale of an investment property, you may have a capital gain exposure PLUS depreciation recapture tax. This can eat into your profits significantly. Please seek counsel from your CPA on what tax benefits are available to you.